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While good typefaces have prodigious families of carefully related styles, some of the best typography builds unexpected relationships between unrelated fonts. Here are five ways to create typographic connections, to help keep your design engaging and inventive.

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Deep dive CSS: font metrics, line-height and vertical-align – Vincent De Oliveira

An introduction to the inline formatting context. Explores line-height and vertical-align properties, as well as the font metrics. Understand how text is rendered on screen, and how to control it with CSS.

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What we learned (TL;DR):

  • inline formatting context is really hard to understand
  • all inline elements have 2 height:
    • the content-area (based on font metrics)
    • the virtual-area (line-height)
    • none of these 2 heights can be visualize with no doubt. (if you’re a devtools developer and want to work on this, it could be awesome)
  • line-height: normal is based on font metrics
  • line-height: n may create a virtual-area smaller than content-area
  • vertical-align is not very reliable
  • a line-box’s height is computed based on its children’s line-height and vertical-align properties
  • we cannot easily get/set font metrics with CSS
  • there is a related future spec to help with vertical alignment: the Line Grid module


How to Design a Google Font | Lingo Blog

Two typography designers talk about what it takes to create a font for Google.

Written By: Jill Blackmore Evans

This article originally appeared on Format Magazine and was republished with permission.The new, updated Google Fonts is a treasure trove of open source, totally free-to-use typefaces. From classic to creative, the new font selection supports over 135 languages, and is set up to let typography buffs easily discover new fonts by browsing through style categories like Serif or Handwriting.Who are the designers behind Google’s favorite typefaces? We spoke to two of them to find out what it takes to design a font for Google.

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