Society Of Wildlife Artists Call For Entries

The Society of Wildlife Artists seeks submissions of work that depicts wildlife subjects and evoke the spirit of the natural world.

Works may be in any medium including painting, sculpture and original prints. The Society of Wildlife Artists is keen to embrace new and innovative mediums and will accept computer-generated images as ’ original prints ’. However, a digital print is only considered an original print if it was created by the artist to be realised specifically as a print.

Reproductions of paintings or photographs will not be accepted.

All work must be submitted online. Pre-selection from online entries will take place, after which pre-selected entries should be delivered to Mall Galleries , London, for final selection.

Maximum of six works submitted per artist. Works should not be larger than 2.4m along the longest dimension. All work must be for sale ( excluding Royal Society of Portrait Painters ).

The copyright and all other intellectual property rights will remain the property of the artist.

Submission fee: 15 GBP per work ( 10 GBP per work for artists aged 35 or under ). Eligibility Open worldwide to artists aged 18 or over. Prize Valuable prizes to be won including the 1,000 GBP ( approx. 1,510 USD ) Birdwatch Artist of the Year Award.

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