The Rookies International Student Competition

The Rookies is an International Awards for young designers, artists, innovators, and creators. The Awards were established to showcase the finest talent emerging from higher education facilities and launch them into careers at the worlds top studios.

There are twelve categories focusing on the most highly competitive artistic industries:

• Illustration
• Graphic Design
• Motion Graphics
• Photography
• Architecture
• Industrial Design
• Film Making
• Web & Mobile
• VFX & Animation
• Next-Gen Gaming
• Virtual Reality
• Robotics

The Rookies will run from 7th March 2016 to 24th June 2016 .

There is no entry fee . Eligibility Open to young designers, creators, innovators, and artists from all over the world. Prize The world is a pretty exciting place right now, and new career paths are evolving every year. With respect to this, The Rookies aims to help young creatives launch their careers in traditional or emerging fields.

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