Subtle Variation Between Two Condensed Sans Serifs | Type Thursday

Say you have a client project where you need a bold, condensed sans-serif. A very narrow scope but there’s tonal variation between two typefaces in the same category. This week, TypeThursday founder Thomas Jockin discusses the typographic nuances of October Compressed, from Typotheque, and Gabriello, from Commercial Type.

Källa: Subtle Variation Between Two Condensed Sans Serifs – Type Thursday – Medium

Process of designing the typeface Di Mare – Ksenia Belobrova

Läs om hur ett typsnitt blir till. Trevligt presenterat av Ksenia Belobrova.

I’ve been asked many times about process of designing typeface (Di Mare script as well). So I decided to tell a little about it.
An idea of this typeface came to my mind when I was in Rome. It was an amazing journey. I visited museums, walked around the city squinting in the sun, ate delicious italian food, admired ancient architecture. I was especially happy because those were the days when I decided to change my life. And one of the main steps was founding my own typefoundry. So when I came back I already had the idea of my first own project.

Fontself: make your own fonts in Illustrator – For beginners


UPDATE! It’s alive!

Köp och ladda ner det eminenta tilläggsprogrammet Fontself.

Easily turn your handmade lettering into usable, colorful fonts, right within Photoshop & Illustrator. Introducing Fontself extensions.

Making fonts. The easy way.

Creating your own fonts in Photoshop & Illustrator is really simple and fast once you install the Fontself extensions:

  1. Draw / sketch / paint / scan or photograph your alphabet.
  2. Select it.
  3. Done.